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The wall of the hoof

The wall of the hoofThe Wall is that portion of the hoof seen in front and laterally when the horse's foot is on the ground. Posteriorly, instead of being continued round the heels to complete the circle, its extremities become suddenly inflected downwards, forwards, and inwards.

These inflections can only be seen with the foot lifted from the floor, and form the so-called "Bars". It will be noticed, too, with the foot lifted, that the wall projects beyond the level of the other structures of the plantar surface, taking upon itself the bearing of the greatest part of the animal's weight.

The horn of the wall, viewed immediately from the front, is known as the "Toe", which again is distinguished as "Inside Toe" or "Outside Toe", according as the horn to its outer or inner aspect is indicated. The remainder of the external face of the wall, that running back to the heels, is designated the "Quarters".

In the middle region of the toe, the wall following the angle of the bones is greatly oblique. This obliquity decreases as the quarters are reached, until on reaching the heels the wall is nearly upright.